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Jason Hydrotherapy is proud to be known not only for the quality of our products, but also our technological innovation. We know you are already familiar with MicroSilk®, our most recent innovation. However, you should know about some of our other advancements which are included in the Excel® Series we developed for purchase in volume.

Construction Advantages

All Excel® Baths are equipped with:

  • Pre-Leveled Base;
  • Easy Clean Acrylic Surface;
  • Air Switch Control lines features lock-nuts on either end of the air-line; greatly reducing the chance of accidental disconnection resulting in a service call.
  • Whirlpools Include:
    • Automatic air intakes, which draw air in from behind the bath wall for quiet operation;
    • V-Jets for superior draining plumbing lines
    • Individually adjustable jets allow you to control the direction of water;
    • 1hp, 120v induction motor for years of flawless operation
    • Run-Dry ceramic seals ensure worry-free performance
    • Air On/Off switch control

Skirted (Apron) baths include a built-in Tile Flange around the full perimeter of the bath and down the front panel, providing the most effective method for preventing water migration.

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